Happy New Year

Titles have never been my thing, but it is in fact New Years Day so let’s just start there. Anyone else feeling more anxious than excited on this first day of 2019. I know (or hope) I am not the only one. I have the entire day off to reflect and contemplate the past and future and WOW is that not relaxing. My 11 year old is completely enjoying (and taking advantage) of the day with TV, reading and craft projects (colorfully displayed throughout the apartment). I am taking the day to sort through a years worth of magazines, receipts and discarded journal attempts. I find myself casually popping online to break up the tediousness of this task and becoming completely overwhelmed by the lack of sparkle in my life. So many beautiful couples and families and vacations. My reality is more sweatpants, to do lists, arguments with the level of stink required before my pre-teen needs to actually clean herself and priority in bills to be paid based on which one will be just a late fee or a cancellation of service. This is most of our realities. It is not the one we share with the moms at school and it does not photograph well but it does seem to be the closest to the truth for most of us. The truth can be hard and scary especially when we look to those around us who seem to have such sparkle.

Where do we begin? As a professional in the health and wellness field I am suppose to have answers and quick tips to cure your emotional and physical ailments. Believe me I wish I had the one magical answer for you. Here is what I do have…Hope. Yeah I know, try not to gag or delete me now. Hope is the possibility that things will change. The possibility that our lives will improve. I do in fact have hope. It is what helps. Oprah will say gratitude. Be grateful and write that down. I have that too but it is not what gets me through the day. Hope is what allows me space for gratitude. I have been on the edge of hopelessness. It is dark and lonely there. Without hope we can not see past the cliff’s edge.

You are not alone. You are not the only one. Not everyone’s lives are photo perfect or Instagram pretty. Most of what I find worthy in my life is far from pretty. The grit the work the sweat those are the moments of change and transformation. My life is not perfect. It is not where I want it to be as far as money and physical fitness but it is exactly where I want it to be in that I love what I do. I love the daughter I have and her excitement and artistic eye. I love the challenges of the day and the community I am creating. I love that each day I learn something new. I love that even though I can not always increase the number in my bank account I can always manifest what I need. In 2019 I want to have more hope. I want to feel that others around me are also hopeful. That there are some people out there standing on the cliff of hopelessness that are choosing to step back. Maybe a small step but enough to see the sliver of hope that can grow. Life is hard, but it is also amazing. We never know how things can shift and change. So in 2019 I have hope and that is what I pass on to you.

2019 Here we come

Looking back on my blog I realize I did not contribute anything in 2018. Truth is I was not sure where to go with this blog. But after a long ass year, I realized the world does not need perfect. We need action and truth. So I am choosing to write when I feel called to and give up the idea that anything I write needs to be perfect or meaningful. I hope that sometimes it amuses you and helps you feel not so alone. My only rule to myself is that I must be truthful. I’m so tired of pretending my life is Instagram perfect. I mean if you know me at all you know my life is so not that.

2018 was a year of fire. Many issues came to the surface. It was unexpected and at times it was damn hard. I’m not sure if anyone else can relate but it was the year during which any issue that I was putting off came to the surface and refused to leave until I dealt with it. Needless to say there were many changes. I am someone who would rather deal with difficult situations than deal with the uncertainty change brings. I plan. I love to plan. I make notes and lists and pin them EVERYWHERE!!!

Last year I was determined to move out of NYC. I wanted a life in the woods with a community and more ease. Unfortunately, the Universe had other intentions. I never fully found a town I felt at home in. My financial situation was less than stellar. My business, while gaining attention was not bringing in money and the idea of making a move when I could barely afford to survive was just not happening. I made the decision to remain in NYC and change what I could. This also meant getting down to the core of some issues. Mainly survival issues like money and love, the two main themes I ignore and bury.

Now is about the time in a blog that the author will sell you on how to make money and gain love. Sorry, but I do not have the answers. I wish I did. BELIEVE ME! Here is what I do know. 2018 made me face some shit. It was hard and scary and not always what I wanted to see. But I got through it. AND while I was facing those scary things there were so many unexpected people and events that came into my life. Did it bring love and money…not yet. But it did bring hope and transformation. Somehow during this year I found the connection and community I craved without moving. It is not a small community where we bring each other pies and help out with the kids, but it is a true community of people that I love. Most of them are not in NYC but I am learning that this is actually OK. I have learned the value of FaceTime and am also learning that it truly is possible to feel a deep connection to someone who is not physically in my space.

It has also been a year of magic. This will be a theme and a longer post to come. I have seen themes of witchcraft and magic becoming more mainstream in commercial areas and social media. I have a lot to say on the topic, but will have to give it more space. I grew up in a family where religion was not a priority but ghost stories and experiences were “normal”. I was not raised Pagan. I was not taught witchcraft. I was, however drawn toward it and curious. It was something I explored on and off over the years in different ways. 2018 brought me back to this in a major way. My Akashic Record Keepers and Spirit Guides helped me see the block I had around magic and the word witch. Somewhere in my spirit I continued to feel shame around owning the title witch or admitting I believe and practice magic. It was still something I felt I needed to hide. Like many other areas in my life, I chose to come out of hiding. I embraced my magic and also began to help others embrace their own. There is so much that goes into this including history, ancient times and healing and I really can not wait to share my journey. I am still learning and embracing it. It truly is a practice.

What can you expect from this blog in the new year. I honestly can’t say. Some days will be all about my earthly mom life embracing my flaws and mistakes. Some days will be about wellness, both tips and the people I meet along the way. There will definitely be entries about magic both history and potions. It will be me. My life and my journey. There will be some times you will read and roll your eyes and other time you will take away a new tip that hopefully helps in some way. I will not be following the pattern that marketing professionals suggest because I just can’t be that organized. I will write each time from where I am at that moment. Like you and life, that moment will change. Like they say in yoga….”take what serves you and leave what doesn’t”.

I am hoping 2019 allows us all the freedom to be who we truly are or at least the space to explore who we want to be.


New Year, New You?

“Decide to remain true to yourself” Joseph Pilates

This is probably the most often and most annoying title ever!!!! Let’s be honest, every December 31, I put an exorbitant amount of energy into dreaming up goals and resolutions for the next year. As if this past year was not good enough and the new year will solve all my problems. Often I forget these within the month January and by summer I am confused that it ever even happened. I also hate the saying “new you” as if the current you is not good enough. My hope for myself and for all of you this eve before 2018 is that you disregard all this nonsense and instead reflect on the past year and hope to add on to it in 2018 instead of tossing it out and wishing for something you.

Personally I do have some hopes and dreams for 2018 and beyond. I hope to get my book finished and maybe even have someone read it. I hope to move out of NYC, which is scary as all hell. I hope that my daughter can find friends and happiness in a new school and community. And I hope we can have as many adventures together as possible. 2017 was a tough year. It was not what I had hoped for and there were more growing experiences than I would have liked, but it was an important year for growth and truth seeing. It was not the toughest year of my life and it was not the happiest but it is still important. It was the year of truth. No longer living in a bubble of comfort and waiting for other people who know more to make things happen. It was a year where I had to step up and take responsibility for my life and happiness.

2017 for me was the year many of us had no choice but to step up, deal and take responsibility. This is not easy, not full of happiness and fun, however it allows for us to move into 2018 with eyes open. Truth is not always easy, but it opens the door to living an authentic life which brings us closer to full alignment with our soul.

Mind: Truth is a tricky thing. In theory we all want to hear it and abide by it but in practice often it is easier to live a lie. Social media is amazing for this. Let’s be honest does anyone even remember life before filters. We can have a crap day and post a photo of ourselves filtered to perfection with a quirky caption and immediately we feel better. Truth is harder to live in daily. Truth is raw and messy and real. Truth is hard, but it is also important in stepping into who you are meant to be full acceptance and full love. We need to deal with the crap before we can fully have the lasting joy.

Spirit: The 5th chakra focuses on communication and speaking and hearing the truth, our self-expression, and our ability to create. Before true manifestation can occur we need to be fully aligned. This requires knowing and speaking our truth.

Body: To open this chakra we need to stretch the neck and upper traps. Any simple neck stretch will do but I love supported stretches for this pose. There is something metaphorical about being supported while opening up to truth and acceptance.


I like to use a kids ball but you can also use a yoga block, bolster or firm pillows. Place the ball under your upper back near your shoulder blades. Keep your knees bent and feet flat to the floor. Slowly guide your torsion back over the ball until your head is on the floor. If this is too intense for you you an also place a yoga block, book or firm pillow under your head for support. As your breath visualize your throat opening and relaxing as the back of the neck releases into the ground. Stay here as long as you can. Use controlled and slow breath. When coming out of the pose, carefully remove the ball and allow yourself to stay lying on the mat to release the spine fully before standing.

Be Authentic! B-E- Authentic!!

“I eat what I feel like eating. If people could see the way I live-smoking, drinking, loving – they wouldn’t believe it. Loving! Without it you are dead.” Joseph Pilates

My inner voice is a cheerleader. It’s taunted me all my life. When I feel my natural wall flower self hiding its that damn peppy Cheerleader who steps up and pushes me forward. The ironic thing about this is that in high school, and years later, I molded myself after those dark isolated souls like Ally Sheedy’s character in the Breakfast Club and Samantha Mathis in Pump Up the Volume.

We all have these inner voices and personalities. They are part of us. The shadow parts that we need to integrate but also they are the voices that remind us to stay true to ourselves. In my case this annoying peppy girl is forcing me to step forward and be seen. I know it is crazy in this “selfie world” but I do not actually love the spotlight. I mean I love to dabble in it but not in a consistent way where I actually need to be photographed or put on video. So I am embracing it anyway, putting myself out there. Being vulnerable and as authentic as I know how. there will be haters….I mean aren’t there always. But hopefully there will be people who see, hear and listen to what I put out into the world and relate and become inspired so that they too can heal and shed those masks.

A week ago I posted to my Instagram a photo of me doing Teaser. I was honest about myself in that moment and I made a commitment to myself that I would no longer put myself on hold as I waited for the perfect time, perfect weight, perfect angle and perfect photo. The message I have for the world is not really for the world but for those who can hear or see themselves in it. I am not for everyone but I do believe there are some people out there that can hear or see what I do and see themselves in that. There are a lot of things I wish were different in my life but if I wait for all those things to be perfect I will miss out on the living things. So I am beginning now to put myself out there in my imperfect way and grow with all of you as we follow that path together and hopefully end up in the place we are meant to be.

Mind: Get out of your way and just do that thing. What are you afraid of. I bet if you voiced it to someone else they would look at you like you confused. Most of the time our fear is imagined and grows over time into the monster under our bed. When we voice that fear to others they can’t fathom it because it normally does not match their judgments of us. For me it is being seen. Being in front of a camera. Being live on any stage, on any platform.

Spirit: If we can step into our true way of being, our most authentic self we can finally allow our spirit to join our earthly bodies. We can acknowledge that energy in ourselves and live a life we are meant to have.


TEASER : It is all about balance and strength and giving up the perfection

  1. Begin on your back with knees bent and feet flat
  2. Bring your legs to table top position (45-degree angle)
  3. Exhale: Nod your head slightly and begin scooping your abdominal muscles in and up rolling your torso off the mat. Reach your arms toward your legs while keeping the shoulders down.
  4. Inhale at the top and widening your collarbone, lift your eyes and feel length and energy travel through your spine from your sitz bones through your crown
  5. Exhale to roll down. Control with your abdominals



If only we had something to fill the hole

“Breathing is the first act of life and the last.”

– Joseph Pilates

Death and loss are unavoidable and yet it is a topic many of us avoid. It is dark and uncomfortable and filled with sorrow, and yet it is inevitable that we will all feel it at some point and we will eventually all die. Already while writing I am finding myself all kids of distractions and avoidances because it is not a topic most people love to explore. But what if we changed our idea about death and grief. What if we chose to sit with it and its uncomfortable cloud instead of trying to fix and change it into something more pleasurable. My idea of death and grief transformed the most when my ex-boyfriend and father to my child died. The process was long; not sudden. It was the after effect that was most interesting. The inability for some to sit with the pain. Not just their pain but mine. The looks and greeting asking for permission to release them and let them know I would be happy and able to cope without them. Like I had a tangy molasses that would drag them in. In my grief I understood the pain of loss, dreams of what could have been and the movie of what had happened. I allowed myself to feel it and be in it and learned from it.

Death is a process and we all need to go through it, but our relationship to it can change. Each year my daughter’s teacher asks the class to write something about themselves that  the teacher should know. Each year she writes,”My dad died and I hate when people say I’m sorry.” The funny thing about this is she has been writing the same thing since she was 5. The amazing thing is most adults feel the same but can’t express it so clearly.

So what do we do if we can not say” I’m sorry” and remove our sense of awkwardness around those who are grieving. I now don’t really say much. I speak my truth. I say, “I don’t know what to do or say because nothing fills that void and makes it OK.” And then I let them lead. I be there. I crack inappropriate jokes (especially about death). I try to be as normal as possible while also being honest. Death sucks. It is uncomfortable. It is dark and awkward. So let’s not cover it up and try to pretend we will all be OK.

Truthfully we will and do get through it. Often we grow and see the world better. Sometimes we create blessings and positive things from grief. But none of that changes the core pain we felt or feel that still comes in bursts without warning at the stupidest and most inappropriate times. But that is what is beautiful also because we allow ourselves to feel it. The good, the bad and the awkward.

Mind: Grief after loss is normal and healthy, but if it seems to intensify or linger without change it is best to seek out professional help. During the phase of grief often it feels like a dark tunnel or cave and it is difficult to imagine a future where we would feel light or happy. When grief continues without change we may withdraw from people or events, become depressed and isolate ourselves from the world.

Body: Grief will show up most obviously in our chests, more specifically near our hearts. The body may become stiff or concave with the shoulders moving forward in an act of protection. Our thoracic spine and upper back will become weak and overstretched as we curl forward to protect the heart from additional injury.

Spirit: During grief we tend to isolate and go within. It seems that our spirit would also close but in some cases as we go within we also can connect and communicate on a deeper level with our spirit. In these instances we can grow and move forward through grief. Other ways of connection during this time are through music and meditation or breath. Sometimes movement and physical exercises seems daunting and distant but the use of music helps to raise our emotional and spiritual energy while our bodies remain passive.

EXERCISE: Cobra and Swan Pose


  1.  Lie face down. Bring your hands under your shoulders with bent elbows.
    Place legs together or shoulder-width apart.
  2. Engage your abdominals and keep them engaged and lifted throughout the exercise.
  3. Inhale: Lengthen your spine, as you press your forearms and hands into the mat. Keep upper arms outwardly rotated to allow openness in the chest.
  4. Exhale: Keep your abdominals lifted as your torso returns to the mat.

Benefits: opens heart, clears the mind, increases flexibility, stimulates circulatory and lymphatic systems.



May I Speak Up?…

“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.” 
— Joseph Pilates

I don’t always listen to podcasts, but I have made a point this year of listening to Jenna Zaffino on Pilates Unfiltered. If you have no interest in Pilates it may not be of interest but I find her on point with so much. One of the big things she has repeated this year is that “She has something to say”. Those words ring so true, not just to me but to so many of us. We all have something to say so why are we holding back. What is blocking us from speaking up or speaking our truth?

Major news right now is the #MeToo movement. So many women have posted their hashtag and perhaps shared an experience. It is so important to share and strip away the shame that comes with abuse of power. There have been many days where I was feeling confident and the comments from a male on the street or at work have stripped the confidence away. It feels like a lock in the chest. I recently felt this at my last apartment with my super who abused his power by texting me inappropriately all hours of the day, asking why I was single and commenting on how good I look (in front of my child). It is a struggle we deal with daily. It is common place but it is not OK. I love that so many women are standing up. I think that we also need to support each other as women. The power struggle is not always between men and women sometimes it is also with the same sex. I have also experienced power struggles with women. Sometimes this shows up as jealousy and sometimes it shows up in authority (with a supervisor or teacher). The problem arises when you allow someone to create the feeling of “I am not good enough”.

When you easily give over your power you then become powerless. Sometimes it seems easier than confrontation, sometimes the rage and anger radiating from another person can push us to shut down and become subordinate. This happens. It still happens to me and I am aware of it. But don’t shut yourself down. When it happens, acknowledge it and simply state in your mind I take my power back, you do not have control over me and send their energy back to them. Recently this happened to me and I held onto it longer than needed. Finally at night I was able to sit in meditation and visualize the daggers that I saw coming into my field and I plucked each one out, turned them into daisies and showered them onto the person who through them toward me.  It is a day to day practice. The world as we know it is not established on equality and each day we need to acknowledge when we try to use our Power to control others or when we give it away.

Mind: It is important to explore your connection to shame. Shame is not real – it is our perception of real events that we interpret on an emotional and physical level to mean something significant. What one person finds shameful will not always be the same from person to person. As children we begin to build our associations to the world and what is “right” or “wrong” and it is at this point that we begin to be taught what is shameful (to be hidden) and what is acceptable. For some people showing off the nude body is beautiful and acceptable and to many in the Western world it is something we are taught to hide. It is important that we first start with acknowledging what we find shameful in our own lives and then begin to strip the stigma by speaking out. For instance if you are ashamed of being naked in front of people (or even in a swim suit in public) I am not saying to strip down and walk the streets of NYC but perhaps simply saying out loud that you are afraid. Begin to explore where these ideas of covering up came from and speak about them. Some culture believe in fully covering their body but the difference is this is not done out of shame it is done out of respect. It is important to understand your own ideas and not project judgement onto others that you perceive may be like you.

Body: There are two areas of the body at play with issues of Power. One is near the Solar Plexus. This is where you may feel like you were kicked in the gut, sick to your stomach, or even sensitivity if someone has scolded or dominated you. You may also feel pain or discomfort in your throat or neck if you held back from speaking up for yourself or others. “I wish I had said…” I should have said…”. In both instances you have blocked your energy and diminished your Power.

Spirit: The spirit is most free when we are honest. If you do resonate with holding blocks in your body either your throat or solar plexus simply acknowledging this and being truthful to yourself, honoring yourself is freeing for the spirit. I love visualization but any form of release will work to release some of these strings thrown at us in a Power struggle. Writing and movement can also be powerful.


Belly Breathing

  1. Inhale through your nose feeling a full expansion in your abdomen. Having one hand on your stomach will help as you will feel it move outward.
  2. On your exhale, tighten your stomach muscles feeling your hand contract in toward your spine
  3. I also find it helpful to practice this lying down on the floor with your knees bent or with your back against a wall in a sitting position.
  4. Continue this exercise for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Sun Salutation Series

  1. Mountain pose: stand aligned with both feet flat on floor, abdominals engaged, and eyes focused forward
  2. Raise arms to your side bringing them over head with palms together
  3. Forward Fold: Reach arms away from each other and toward your side as you hinge at hips (bending knees if needed) bringing your torso toward your thighs
  4. Reach torso halfway up
  5. Plank pose: Step feet back to come to plank pose, hands under shoulders, abdominals engaged, legs straight, eyes focused forward with a long neck
  6. Chaturanga: (option always to bend knees in this pose) Shift forward to toes, bend elbows while keeping wrists and elbow aligned
  7. Upward Facing Dog: Tops of your feet will press into the floor, lifting your thighs off the floor (or option to keep thighs active but on the floor). Bring your chest forward and straighten your arms continue to engage your abdominals lifting the navel upward. Keep your collar bone wide, chest forward, neck long and eyes focused upward.
  8. Downward Facing Dog: Lift your hips and work to press the soles of your feet into the floor (your heels may be off the floor). Press down through your hands and the soles of your feet as you lengthen your spine (sometimes it helps to bend the knees to feel more length in the spine. Open your chest toward the feet and focus your eyes between your feet.

Pilates Version of above on the Reformer: PlankUpstretch and Downstretch series



The man behind the mask

“Decide to remain true to yourself.”   Joseph Pilates

Each week I wake up expecting the world to be put right and some hope to shine through, but each day seems to be another natural or human created catastrophe. The world is like the mother we look to who mirrors what we should feel. In this case the mother is falling apart. So how do we as the children interpret life and move forward safely finding the freedom to explore and play with who we are and who we want to be?

When my child was in 2nd grade the school continuously mentioned the end of childhood was near. The notion of childhood coming to an end at age 7 was preposterous, and it boggled my mind. Looking at this in a bigger perspective it makes sense and mirrors out world right now. At age 7 a child begins to move away from the parent and more toward their peers. They mirror those around them and begin to internalize the judgements of those children around them. As parents we no longer are their center of strength and reason. It is in this new place of uncertainty with a new sense of independence that we begin to learn if we are important to others in our Universe. Are we seen? Are we funny? Do we fit in? Are we judged? Are we accepted? Rarely can we stand securely in our authentic self with certainty of who we are. The normal child begins to try on masks and see which one feels best.

As adults hopefully, we are secure enough to finally take off that mask and stand in our true Power. What I have found so far is it is a process of hiding, uncovering, discovering, hiding and re-appearing. Slowly pealing away the masks of our childhood.

Mind: Speaking our truth is our basic right. Our truth is just that – ours. And yet we are so quick to allow others to judge and insert doubt causing us to lose faith in our own opinions and ideas. When we build masks and hide from our authentic self or hide our true self from other people we become inhibited and slowly dull our light.

Body: When we restrict our truth and our voices from speaking out due to fear of being judged or harmed we hold this energy in our body. It shows up as stress in the throat, neck, shoulders, and mouth. We can either talk too much or not at all, either way we are not being heard.

Spirit: Sound is a vibration of energy that can not be seen but we know exists. Similar to this there is a energetic field surrounding each of us. Our goal in seeking our truth is finding harmony or resonance. We need to learn to communicate with the energetic vibration in and outside of our bodies as well as each other and the world. We also need to remember that communication is both speaking and being heard while also listening without judgement. It is an open flow and not one direction.


  • The best way to move energy in the throat is through sound, singing, OM chanting, humming, and breath
  • Front Splits on the reformer (can also be done on the mat as Crescent Lunge)


Why? The lunge when done with arms extended upward or behind the head will open the chest while also keeping the abdominals engaged and alignment in place. This exercise is a great stretch for the front of the body and can also help align the neck and shoulders.

Other Exercises for opening the throat, neck and shoulders


Bridge Pose

Camel Pose

Short Spine

This is not the way I thought it would be …

“Everyone is the architect of his own happiness” Joseph Pilates

I was certified in Pilates in 2002. It was a different era and there were few certification programs to choose from. Things have changed and the world of Pilates has also changed. I’m still figuring out how I fit in. I am lucky in that my training was off the beaten path of tradition and during the same time I was also working toward a career in Art Therapy. I played with both and eventually combined them and used tools from each when it felt needed. I never felt solid in being a Pilates instructor because I did not stick to straight Pilates movement in sessions, and today I push those boundaries even more. The industry is changing. In some ways it allows for more freedom and in other ways it seems to be ready to burst into pieces. I am inspired by all the ways instructors and studios have developed to stay fresh and alive during this transition.

I have not fully stepped into my new way of woking in the industry, but I am close to embracing it. What I have decided is that I will not compete out of Fear. I will not judge and steal and knock others down who appear to have more or be more. I will not act on impulse and fear. This too seems to be growing. This fear of each other taking from us. The copying, stealing of clients and marketing, the judgements, and speaking negatively about others in our field is breaking us down.

This is what I know. In NYC the fear is real. Small studios are being eaten up and put out of business by larger industries who can market memberships, unlimited packages and Groupon deals. New instructors are certified every day and looking for work which while amazing is also flooding the business. To survive in this market we need to be all things at all times…healer, social media mavens, influencers (who knew this was a thing), celebrity trainers, models and the list is endless. It creates havoc, burn out and mainly a cycle of fear where we can easily lose our focus and get swallowed up.

But as instructors we also have a great power in our hands and bodies and that is the power of Pilates. I may not be classical and who really knows if I am contemporary at this point but I do still believe in the foundation of Pilates.

I will trust in myself and where the Universe is taking me.

I will ground. I will breathe. I will move. I will flow.

Mind: Fear is our go to when we feel our security is at risk. It is not always real. Obviously it serves its purpose. If a bear were to jump out of the woods our fear instinct would help us to blow that bear horn we like to carry around, but in our day to day existence it tends to create more drama that is based in untruths. Our job then is t sit back and evaluate before reacting to the stress. As a self employed person teaching Pilates the reality of decreasing clients and income is real but my reaction to it is choice and sometimes unconsciously created. My trigger is money. The fear of not having enough. But for someone else it may mean not having a stable studio or home. It may be training new clients every day. It may be feeling overwhelmed by the higher demand of multi tasking the administrative work that comes with the job these days. For each of us the stressor is different but the feeling is the same…fear.

Body: Fear can show up in different ways in our bodies. One common body symptom is rigidity. In the moment of fear we tense our bodies. This is a normal and primal fear response. Over time this creates tightness in our bodies that may become chronic if not addressed. We may also become tired. Both reactions can be changed by movement or postures.

Spirit: When we are grounded and balanced we feel safe and secure even when the world as we know it is spinning into chaos. Our choices and actions come from a grounded place within us and we feel in our cells that we are moving and acting in the way that is “right” for us.

What you can do to find balance and grounding in times of fear

Mountain Pose

  • stand with your feet solid on the ground (barefeet is best) feel the big toe, little toe and heel of each foot on the floor
  • Begin to align your body from the feet up, feeling the legs , hips pelvic floor, spine, ribs, arms, shoulders, neck and head all finding their place in the line.
  • Do not feel rigid but instead as you breathe feel the breath filling up your entire torso and spine and as you exhale release all that does not serve and grow taller


Walk outside barefooted 





Day becomes night….and we move

Today is the Solar Eclipse in the United States. For centuries there has been excitement around the eclipse and how to view it or if we should view it at all. Some cultures believe it is a time to go within and to be still, at least for the time that the sky goes dark. There are two philosophies around this. One is out of fear that the sun is being taken away by negative forces. The other is that the sun and moon are in intimate alignment and like most lovers this is a personal and spiritual time that we should allow its own space and privacy. For many people the eclipse is a fascinating scientific phenomenon and many of us can not wait to view it or at least be a small part of this natural moment of awe. I suggest reading Susan Miller and Mystic Mamma who have intriguing and knowledgeable astrological information about eclipses and specifically about the solar eclipse happening today.

What I have read so far follows what I have been reading and experiencing for years now. That the world is changing and a new way is happening. I remember hearing about this shift when I was younger in books and through adults. At the time it sounded scary as if the world would end, but reality is not as abrupt. As a planet we have all to different degrees been forced to make a choice. We either are moving forward toward a collective awakening and healing or fighting to remain as is without change. Either way life will be uncomfortable to some degree and eclipses tend to heighten that feeling.

The best solution if you can put it into practice is to let go of old ideas. Not to say let go of goals or dreams if you have been actively working on them but maybe allow a new way to work come through. Or if you find you have hit a wall, lost a job, broken up again or had a loss of some kid try again but perhaps use a new technique, look for a job outside your field or date a different type. Just see what happens and try a new way. Take a new path to work or school. Try a new routine

Pilates Principle : Flowing Movement

Today practice your Pilates or exercise routine in a conscious flow. What do I mean by this? from the beginning to the end practice a non-stop smooth and controlled movement. Make each transition from one exercise to the other important. Move from your center, remember your breath and alignment and practice smooth movements. Visualize yourself as a dancer.

Mind: Awareness a.k.a. Mindfulness, is simply bringing mental awareness to our daily body patterns including breathing, muscle tension and posture thus re-training the body. Awareness can also bring us to a new level of understanding and appreciation in our life and world. Becoming aware of our misaligned patterns in our body can allow us to heal our body but the same can be said for those misaligned patterns in life. Awareness is not acceptance it is acknowledging that we have places in us that need growth and change.

  1. Body: Today I am asking that you approach your workout in a new way. Flow and bring awareness to each movement and each transition. Do not stop and put your hands on your hips. Check in if you are checking out (taking repeated breaks, stopping for water every exercise). Today we will bring fire to out routine.
  2. Mind: Create each movement consciously. Sometimes in life we being a workout or a walk and before we know it we are done. Often (as I know I am guilty of this) we celebrate how quickly that went by. In most cases we do not remember the walk or the workout because we were checked out. Today I want you to check in. Be present. Articulate each movement with intention and make those transitions between exercises count.
  3. Spirit: Often times what holds us back from moving forward is Fear. In most instances Fear is created in our ego. It is not created in our soul and is not who we truly are. Today I ask that you practice acknowledging that fear and that ego and working past it. Today follow your heart not your head.

Precision Exercise:

In addition to Pilates I am also trained in Power Yoga. I do not often teach yoga although I do incorporate it in my Pilates teaching. When I am at home I tend to gravitate toward practicing yoga more than Pilates mainly because it is far away from my critical work mind. I can flow and be truly me in a yoga practice because it is not what I am being paid for. During one of my yoga training we were practicing a 45 minute flow class. From beginning to end we would do each asana but only for 5 breaths until ending in savasana. It brings the heat and forces the mind to settle.

Today I am asking that you choose a workout routine and do it for 30-45 minutes. If it is yoga or Pilates do each movement for 5 breaths and move on. If you are doing something like running or walking concentrate on the pattern of your breath and make it more dynamic. Acknowledge when you stop or mentally check out.

Today flow, bring the heat, create consciously!



Sometimes the world is a whirlpool

To be honest sitting here trying to piece together a blog post about Pilates seems a bit mundane in light of the recent events in Charlottesville, VA, which is really just an acknowledgement of how backwards our society is moving. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness and grief. I often wonder how much impact I can have when I am not one of the brave representing my country or on the front lines of daily protests. My trauma research has taught me that it is the inability to act that contributes to the residual effects on the body. As soon as action is put into motion healing can begin. This idea can be helpful in these circumstances as well, when we feel like we are on the sidelines feeling helpless.

When life becomes overwhelming and we feel as if we are being sucked into the whirlpool there are small things we can do to live and make a difference. As we have learned (hopefully) by now, change does not happen with one big event it happens with several people doing small things. Teaching our children to be nice to others and putting these lessons into practice. Educate our children and ourselves. Accept that we all have lessons we can learn and we all need to begin listening to our neighbor’s stories. Doing what we can to follow our passions and paths because when we shine others have permission to shine as well. Putting our anger, helplessness and frustration into movement can allow us to grow and change and in turn can begin to change our environment and world.

And, “yes” Pilates seems to be a frivolous practice but it is also a practical guide to keeping sane in our insane times. Physical movement can help us release the energy we would otherwise store in our bodies that would possibly become anxiety and stress in later days. Taking action can be simply putting our body in motion. Take a Pilates or Yoga class and actually speak to your neighbor on the mat nearest you. Action begins with small steps and opening the door to communication seems to me the easiest way to begin.

PRECISION every movement has a purpose

  1. Body: Precision is a Pilates Principle. Each movement is done with awareness of each part of the body, alignment and body placement.
  2. Mind: Awareness a.k.a. Mindfulness, is simply bringing mental awareness to our daily body patterns including breathing, muscle tension and posture thus re-training the body. Awareness can also bring us to a new level of understanding and appreciation in our life and world. Becoming aware of our misaligned patterns in our body can allow us to heal our body but the same can be said for those misaligned patterns in life. Awareness is not acceptance it is acknowledging that we have places in us that need growth and change.
  3. Spirit:Bringing awareness and precision into our movements makes us accountable to being present. When we are truly present it is difficult to hide behind a mask or excuse away actions. We become more authentic which shows up in both our bodies, our diets and our interactions with others.

Precision Exercise:

A year or so ago I signed up for a mindful painting class. I made it to only a handful of classes but I took away with me some great techniques.

Walking meditation

It took me several attempts to appreciate sitting meditation, but walking meditation always made sense. It is also a great way to practice proper gait alignment and work the feet.

  1. This is practice silently, eyes open but passive and no music
  2. Bring your attention first to your feet. Feel both feet solid on the floor or ground. I practice this both barefoot and with shoes.
  3. Continue to bring awareness to your feet and begin to slowly walk moving through each foot fully before going on to the next foot. Feel the heel, arch, ball of the foot and toes.
  4. Keep your mind present on your walking. It may help to count to repeat a mantra or to visualize your feet moving. Bring the awareness completely to your feet and moving fully through each foot. If you feel pain, stiffness simply acknowledge it but try not to fix or analyze.
  5. Continue this exercise 15-30 minutes

Every movement and exercise routine we participate can be done with intention and mindfulness. When we begin to practice awareness it is difficult to ignore that other people exist, that we are not the only being on the planet and our actions (no matter how small) do impact the world one ripple at a time.