Day becomes night….and we move

Today is the Solar Eclipse in the United States. For centuries there has been excitement around the eclipse and how to view it or if we should view it at all. Some cultures believe it is a time to go within and to be still, at least for the time that the sky goes dark. There are two philosophies around this. One is out of fear that the sun is being taken away by negative forces. The other is that the sun and moon are in intimate alignment and like most lovers this is a personal and spiritual time that we should allow its own space and privacy. For many people the eclipse is a fascinating scientific phenomenon and many of us can not wait to view it or at least be a small part of this natural moment of awe. I suggest reading Susan Miller and Mystic Mamma who have intriguing and knowledgeable astrological information about eclipses and specifically about the solar eclipse happening today.

What I have read so far follows what I have been reading and experiencing for years now. That the world is changing and a new way is happening. I remember hearing about this shift when I was younger in books and through adults. At the time it sounded scary as if the world would end, but reality is not as abrupt. As a planet we have all to different degrees been forced to make a choice. We either are moving forward toward a collective awakening and healing or fighting to remain as is without change. Either way life will be uncomfortable to some degree and eclipses tend to heighten that feeling.

The best solution if you can put it into practice is to let go of old ideas. Not to say let go of goals or dreams if you have been actively working on them but maybe allow a new way to work come through. Or if you find you have hit a wall, lost a job, broken up again or had a loss of some kid try again but perhaps use a new technique, look for a job outside your field or date a different type. Just see what happens and try a new way. Take a new path to work or school. Try a new routine

Pilates Principle : Flowing Movement

Today practice your Pilates or exercise routine in a conscious flow. What do I mean by this? from the beginning to the end practice a non-stop smooth and controlled movement. Make each transition from one exercise to the other important. Move from your center, remember your breath and alignment and practice smooth movements. Visualize yourself as a dancer.

Mind: Awareness a.k.a. Mindfulness, is simply bringing mental awareness to our daily body patterns including breathing, muscle tension and posture thus re-training the body. Awareness can also bring us to a new level of understanding and appreciation in our life and world. Becoming aware of our misaligned patterns in our body can allow us to heal our body but the same can be said for those misaligned patterns in life. Awareness is not acceptance it is acknowledging that we have places in us that need growth and change.

  1. Body: Today I am asking that you approach your workout in a new way. Flow and bring awareness to each movement and each transition. Do not stop and put your hands on your hips. Check in if you are checking out (taking repeated breaks, stopping for water every exercise). Today we will bring fire to out routine.
  2. Mind: Create each movement consciously. Sometimes in life we being a workout or a walk and before we know it we are done. Often (as I know I am guilty of this) we celebrate how quickly that went by. In most cases we do not remember the walk or the workout because we were checked out. Today I want you to check in. Be present. Articulate each movement with intention and make those transitions between exercises count.
  3. Spirit: Often times what holds us back from moving forward is Fear. In most instances Fear is created in our ego. It is not created in our soul and is not who we truly are. Today I ask that you practice acknowledging that fear and that ego and working past it. Today follow your heart not your head.

Precision Exercise:

In addition to Pilates I am also trained in Power Yoga. I do not often teach yoga although I do incorporate it in my Pilates teaching. When I am at home I tend to gravitate toward practicing yoga more than Pilates mainly because it is far away from my critical work mind. I can flow and be truly me in a yoga practice because it is not what I am being paid for. During one of my yoga training we were practicing a 45 minute flow class. From beginning to end we would do each asana but only for 5 breaths until ending in savasana. It brings the heat and forces the mind to settle.

Today I am asking that you choose a workout routine and do it for 30-45 minutes. If it is yoga or Pilates do each movement for 5 breaths and move on. If you are doing something like running or walking concentrate on the pattern of your breath and make it more dynamic. Acknowledge when you stop or mentally check out.

Today flow, bring the heat, create consciously!



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