About Me

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About ME: 

I live in NYC

I have 1 child – she is an amazing 10 year old Sprite.

I am a good mom…not perfect but I am learning everyday.

I am a good teacher…again not perfect but learning.

I take risks.

I put up a good staring contest with Fear and often win.

I am judgey and I hide and I’m working on this.

I like to people watch….people fascinate me which sometimes makes me judgey BUT I AM working on this!

I am a teeny bit Type A.

I am stubborn.

I am single (for now….but open to not being single forever).

I love running, Pilates and Yoga.

I LOVE the anatomy!!!

My favorite muscle is the Psoas.

I was once an artist …. working on re-awakening this attribute.

My favorite place to be alone when I was little was in a tree and as an adult is near the Hudson River (sadly we lack good climbing trees in NYC).

Confession: I can’t sing….and I’m afraid of fish. I don’t like television or sitting in movie theaters.

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