2019 Here we come

Looking back on my blog I realize I did not contribute anything in 2018. Truth is I was not sure where to go with this blog. But after a long ass year, I realized the world does not need perfect. We need action and truth. So I am choosing to write when I feel called to and give up the idea that anything I write needs to be perfect or meaningful. I hope that sometimes it amuses you and helps you feel not so alone. My only rule to myself is that I must be truthful. I’m so tired of pretending my life is Instagram perfect. I mean if you know me at all you know my life is so not that.

2018 was a year of fire. Many issues came to the surface. It was unexpected and at times it was damn hard. I’m not sure if anyone else can relate but it was the year during which any issue that I was putting off came to the surface and refused to leave until I dealt with it. Needless to say there were many changes. I am someone who would rather deal with difficult situations than deal with the uncertainty change brings. I plan. I love to plan. I make notes and lists and pin them EVERYWHERE!!!

Last year I was determined to move out of NYC. I wanted a life in the woods with a community and more ease. Unfortunately, the Universe had other intentions. I never fully found a town I felt at home in. My financial situation was less than stellar. My business, while gaining attention was not bringing in money and the idea of making a move when I could barely afford to survive was just not happening. I made the decision to remain in NYC and change what I could. This also meant getting down to the core of some issues. Mainly survival issues like money and love, the two main themes I ignore and bury.

Now is about the time in a blog that the author will sell you on how to make money and gain love. Sorry, but I do not have the answers. I wish I did. BELIEVE ME! Here is what I do know. 2018 made me face some shit. It was hard and scary and not always what I wanted to see. But I got through it. AND while I was facing those scary things there were so many unexpected people and events that came into my life. Did it bring love and money…not yet. But it did bring hope and transformation. Somehow during this year I found the connection and community I craved without moving. It is not a small community where we bring each other pies and help out with the kids, but it is a true community of people that I love. Most of them are not in NYC but I am learning that this is actually OK. I have learned the value of FaceTime and am also learning that it truly is possible to feel a deep connection to someone who is not physically in my space.

It has also been a year of magic. This will be a theme and a longer post to come. I have seen themes of witchcraft and magic becoming more mainstream in commercial areas and social media. I have a lot to say on the topic, but will have to give it more space. I grew up in a family where religion was not a priority but ghost stories and experiences were “normal”. I was not raised Pagan. I was not taught witchcraft. I was, however drawn toward it and curious. It was something I explored on and off over the years in different ways. 2018 brought me back to this in a major way. My Akashic Record Keepers and Spirit Guides helped me see the block I had around magic and the word witch. Somewhere in my spirit I continued to feel shame around owning the title witch or admitting I believe and practice magic. It was still something I felt I needed to hide. Like many other areas in my life, I chose to come out of hiding. I embraced my magic and also began to help others embrace their own. There is so much that goes into this including history, ancient times and healing and I really can not wait to share my journey. I am still learning and embracing it. It truly is a practice.

What can you expect from this blog in the new year. I honestly can’t say. Some days will be all about my earthly mom life embracing my flaws and mistakes. Some days will be about wellness, both tips and the people I meet along the way. There will definitely be entries about magic both history and potions. It will be me. My life and my journey. There will be some times you will read and roll your eyes and other time you will take away a new tip that hopefully helps in some way. I will not be following the pattern that marketing professionals suggest because I just can’t be that organized. I will write each time from where I am at that moment. Like you and life, that moment will change. Like they say in yoga….”take what serves you and leave what doesn’t”.

I am hoping 2019 allows us all the freedom to be who we truly are or at least the space to explore who we want to be.